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Quick Eyebrow Tutorial: K-Palette Eyebrow Pencil

Feb 5, 2018 | Beauty

I love makeup and I will never go out without using even just a tiny bit of a product to brighten up my face. I usually apply lip balm and blush then I’m good to go. I don’t fix my eyebrows, it wasn’t so much of a big deal for me because they looked fine. They are not the “sabog” or the “kalbo” type, they are pretty manageable.

Until one day people started quoting “Kilay is life!” which made me think for a while. It made me realize how come I don’t make effort to fix my eyebrows while most people devote so much time to fix theirs, so I started fixing mine too. On a normal day, I just use a simple eyebrow pencil to make it defined. On times where I need to go to an event, I rely on products that can really last the whole day. Always remember that eyebrows don’t have to be thick to be considered as “defined” sometimes less is more.

So I made a quick eyebrow tutorial to help you make those eyebrows on fleek! Who would have thought that fixing the eyebrows would make so much difference?

Quick Eyebrow Tutorial

Products Used:

Quick Eyebrow Tutorial

Quick Eyebrow Tutorial


  1. Melissa Benoza

    Galiiiing! Very nice! Keep it coming!

    • Ingrid Sola

      Thank you Mel for watching and reading!!! <3


    Ganda Ingri! Miss you more vlogs po 🙂


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